He's Heeeeeere!!

Lisa and I would like to announce the arrival of our new pup!!!

Say hello to Silvershot's Pocket Rocket, call name "Henri" (named after the famous Montreal Canadian hockey star Henri "Pocket Rocket" Richard). Henri is out of Judy Balog's Slivershot kennel and the son of NFC/NAFC/FC/AFC Grau Geist Lil’s Gust V Westend MH, CD, RDX, SDX, RN, VX and Gould's Truly Cool Falls Fun. I have posted the first of what will surely be many sets of photos on my website. Just click on the photo to have a look.



  1. Nothing beats the ears of a Weimaraner puppy. Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations, Craig + Lisa! That is one handsome looking fellow -- and the website album is fabulous. While nothing can replace dogs like Felix, puppy breath comes pretty close.

    If he has half the career of Henri Richard, you'll have a heck of a dog.

    best wishes

  3. What a cutie pie! We can't wait to see more pictures.

  4. What a mischievous looking little man! Congrats!

  5. You have some great pictures! We also have a puppy from Gus. Our dog, Buster, came from a breeding with Gem (Steele) from this year. He is 14 weeks old this week. We also know Judy. She is wonderful! If you have myspace, we have a page all for Buster (http://www.myspace.com/buster_shanks). Congrats on your pup! :) Rae and Randy Shanks Big Rapids, MI

  6. Craig, this is the cutest puppy EVER!! These are my favourite dogs!! I went to your website and looked at the other photos of him and he is so precious!! I felt as a craft for fun and I recently felted one of these breeds. I think it's the closest I will get to owning one, lol.