VGP, the Master Test

VGP is the tongue-friendly abbreviation for Verbands-Gebrauchsprüfung (say that quickly three times!). Translated, Verbands-Gebrauchsprüfung means "Association utility test" and refers to the extremely difficult master test for pointing dogs in Germany. 

One of my dogs, the Amazing Maisey, ran the VGP a couple of years ago and achieved a prize one despite almost losing an eye earlier in the summer while training. You can read about the drama here. I've also posted some video clips from a special VGP (equivalent) test in Austria that Lisa and I attended in 1999. You can see them here

Recently, I came across a video (in German) that features a young woman and her Drahthaar Laika participating in a VGP test in Germany. The video is featured on the Youtube channel of the German sporting magazine "Deutsche Jagd Zeitung" and is an excellent overview of the test. Even if you don't speak German, it is well worth the viewing.


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  1. What a great video. Though I have heard of it, I have never seen the testing where the dog finds the deer and carries back the token hanging from its collar, to show he found the deer. Neat. I also found it interesting that both handlers used treats at the successful completion of each retrieve. That should drive a lot of U. S. trainers wild!

    Thanks for posting this.
    Jon Coil
    Kelliher, MN

  2. Thanks Craig! Very interesting video

    Laurie Connell- Maine

  3. Wow...that's an incredible test. There's nothing like hunting with a well trained dog...especially when you know you've trained them.

  4. This test is for the best of the best. The Germans have done a great job in breeding that is why we have been raising them for 25 years.