A Half Sparkle Brighter

This morning in his sick bed

We are seeing baby steps of progress in the last two days. A week ago he was like a helpless infant. Three days ago, like a druken toddler lurching to the backyard just long enough to pee on his own foot. Yesterday and today, he is like a sober toddler. He can walk...sorta. He knows what is going on around him and does as he is told...in sign language....he is now as deaf as a post.

He must be feeling better today because the Dennis-the-Menace in him is starting to wake up. He seems to have re-discovered the pleasures of raiding the garbage can and stealing my shoes. I am sure peeing on Calou's still-fresh grave is in his plans for tomorrow.

Actually, when you compare the situation today to what it was a week ago, Felix has made incredible progress. In light of where he was before this shit-storm happened though, he still has a long way to go before we can safely say that the Freight Train is back on track.

This afternoon, in the backyard looking for the garbage can


  1. We are so glad for his sake...and for you all.

  2. Great news!
    We're so happy for Felix and for you. He's a fighter and you must be so proud of him!
    We're keep the prayers and good wishes going stronger than before.

    Here's to Felix!

  3. Glad to see things are looking up a bit... Yoshi and I are sending out all the mojo and good thoughts we can muster!!

  4. Seen many photos of Felix, he is so photogenic.
    Own one of the paintings of him, done by Katrina. I am very fond of it and therefore delighted that he is doing better!
    All the best to you all, Ulla

  5. He is looking much better! It's been a week since this blog, more good news?