How did you live?

There comes a point in every game of tug-o-war where the stalemate is broken. One side finally overwhelms the other. Collapse follows.

We’d seen small signs of hope last week. We’d been buoyed by his will to fight, to live, to steal my shoes once again. But we could hear the rope creaking. The tug-o-war was heating up. Finally, a few days ago, the stalemate broke. He slipped as that f***ing awful disease gained the upper hand.

And then, he died.

In our arms.



Reminding us that even the mightiest hunter is also the hunted.

But he lived. O boy, did he live! For 10 years, with complete abandon, Félix freight-trained his way through life, through fields and forests, doors and windows.

I lost count of the miles he covered.

Spring and summer in the water, autumn in the fields, and winter on the frozen river, pulling a sled single-handedly.

There and back.

But more than anything, Félix did what he was put on this earth to do. He pointed.

He pointed game that we should bring to the table, while pointing out our less-than-steady aim.

He made it a point to prove to us that he was faster, stronger, and in many ways, smarter than us.

And he pointed us towards a delicious curiosity in everything canine, leading us to travel half way across the world to learn all we can about these amazing creatures.

And in the end, he showed us just how deeply he had burrowed into our hearts. Hearts that will soon be on the mend, thanks to the kind thoughts of friends and family whose lives he also touched.

Felix was Felix.


  1. Craig and Lisa,
    Just want you to know we are thinking about you. You are exactly right he lived the life he was meant to live...there is peace in that. Take care.
    Ang & Jarrett

  2. Felix. It can still be your birthday, even today. Love, Auntie Kitty.

  3. Craig and Lisa,
    There are no good words. I'm so sorry. Felix had so many adventures... the stories are what will live on. You're in my thoughts,
    Lisa Rumble

  4. Twice I had the privilege to shoot over Felix; the first time was in year 2000 when he was 4 years old and the second time 3 years later when he was seven. On both occasions I’d let him down badly by not hitting the game he produced, he would look at the bird continuing on it’s flight to safety then look at Craig as if to say “Has that stupid Englishman got any lead in his cartridges?”, then, without malice, he would plough on to find another one for me to miss.

    Felix had true Weimaraner character, the sort that the Germans would instantly recognise and admire. I witnessed him work with constant vigour and occasionally challenge Craig’s directions, resulting more often than not in being proved right.

    We rarely get the chance to own a dog like Felix, in 32 years in dogs I have been lucky enough to have owned two, my first ever Weimaraner (Haze) and 10 years later a GSP from Ireland (Bridie), I’m not ashamed to say that I blubbered when I lost my two pals and tears came again when I heard that Felix had lost his fight to stay with Craig & Lisa.

    God bless him, he was one hell of a f**king dog and I bet he is up there causing havoc pointing & flushing Angels. Go get em Felix.

    Richard & Helena (UK)

  5. Felix was our Granddog.
    In our hearts he was and always will be the "Grandest of all Dogs" and we will miss him beyond measure.

    Grampa & Gramma

  6. I'm very, very sorry for Félix.
    I'm thinking about you.
    One member of the BW forum.

  7. I'm so, so sorry about Felix. I've never met him, but tears have been shed for him on this side of the big drink.

  8. Craig & Lisa - I am so sorry to read about Felix. I shed some tears for my girl today - she died 5 months ago and now I am shedding some more for Felix. What a great life he led with you.
    'Our Weims never really die, they just snuggle deep inside the safety of our hearts gently settling down to sleep among the memories they`ve shared. And.. from that safe place they venture forth whenever you choose to remember them.' (not sure who wrote this, I have had it on a piece of paper for a long time and I pull it out and read it when ever I am missing my girl!)

    Please come back and sometime to see us on the UK weim forum.
    Best wishes - Lisa Coullx

  9. so, so sorry about your loss of Felix, your beloved gray companion.
    They leave an empty place right under where your hand hangs. That place where they put their head when they want your attention or a pat or confirmation that you know they are there.
    He was a grand fellow. Leslie

  10. Craig,
    Absolutely gutted to hear of your loss, will be thinking of you and Lisa in the coming days.

    Hoping the pain fades soon to be replaced by all the happy memories...

  11. We are so sorry about Felix.....dont know what to say but we are thinking about you.

  12. They say memories are golden
    well maybe that is true.
    I never wanted memories,
    I only wanted you.

    A million times I missed you,
    a million times I cried.
    If love alone could have saved you,
    you never would have died.

    In life I loved you dearly,
    In death I love you still.
    In my heart you hold a place
    no one could ever fill.

    If tears could build a stairway
    and heartache make a lane,
    I'd walk the path to heaven
    and bring you back again.

    Our family chain is broken,
    and nothing seems the same.
    But as God calls us one by one,
    the chain will link again.

    We are so sorry for your loss. I only hope that you all have
    wonderful memories of your beloved boy...

  13. Greive not nor speak not of me with tears -
    But laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you.
    I loved you so
    T'Was Heaven with you here.

    We send our deepest sympathies -
    The Newton-Moore

  14. Craig, Haven't heard from you in some time, and did a search to see some of your photography.

    So sorry to hear about Felix.