Pointing Dogs Volume One

Over a decade in the making, Pointing Dogs, Volume One: The Continentals is more than a rich collection of photographs. It is a definitive guide to the versatile gundog breeds of Continental Europe, an in-depth study of the history, development and current status of the pointing dog, and it is a remarkable travelog of an incredible journey.

Written by a hunter for hunters, this volume provides detailed descriptions of all the pointing breeds from Continental Europe. It is illustrated with stunning images of hunting dogs doing what they were bred to do: hunt

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★ Congratulations Craig, what an incredible book!! The quality and depth of the content, the design, your personal observations, and of course the fabulous photos, make this one of the best dog books (especially sporting dogs) I have ever read (and I have read quite a few). I’m sure this book will get some high praise from the dog community and the upland hunting crowd, both in Europe and North America. Besides its aesthetic qualities, it is highly educational and should do an excellent job introducing those unaware, myself included, of the many fine hunting breeds that exist in Europe (“Yes Watson, there is life other than the GSP”). Once again – well done ol’ “Crazy One”, well done in deed. - Hank Phillips, “The enthusiastic hunter from the US."

★  I was counting the years, then the months, then the weeks for the publishing of this book, but it was worth the wait. I don't think there is any similarly thorough, well-put together, high quality book about the pointing dogs anywhere in the World. Not only the fantastic pictures, but also the very profound content makes the book a precious piece for everyone who is interested in hunting dogs. Not one breed of the Continental Pointing Dogs is left out of the book, breeds I have never seen and never heard of, and the topics and breed's comparisons in their work style, what each chapter covers give a great overview for the reader. This is THE BOOK about the Continental Pointing Dogs. - Zsófia Miczek, Hungary

★  Your Pointing Dogs book arrived a couple of days ago (safe and sound thanks to the sturdy packaging). I have been reading it ever since and wanted to let you know that I already consider it to be THE contemporary compendium on continental pointing dogs (and I have quite a few books, English and non-English, regarding HPRs)! It is truly a wonderful piece of art and a treasure trove of HPR-knowledge. Sure, it's pricey, but when considering that it offers hundreds of beautiful pictures printed on quality paper and contains a wealth of knowledge gained from actually seeing each and every breed working in the field, I now feel it is one of the best bargains I made in a long, long time! The only thing that makes me sad, is the knowledge that I might have to wait another 12 years for Volume 2! - Steve van den Buys, Belgium

★  It is hard to know where to start, when attempting some sort of review. In short, this book is a staggering opus. It features all the HPRs I've ever heard of, and then a whole lot more besides, along with comprehensive sections on the History, Form and Function of each breed. (Caution: This book is dangerous. You will find yourself making a shopping list. Personally, I am now coveting the Braque du Bourbonnais. It has a natural bob-tail, did you know?)

The photos are stunning and effortlessly capture the beauty of the dogs in the field. There are many whole-page photos of dogs, and I found myself wanting even more, and wanting the smaller photos BIG. I wanted huge *posters* of these photos, they were so stunning. Realistically, though, I think the photos couldn't be any bigger without something having to go, in this 364 page book. It must have been very difficult for Craig to choose which photos to use and which not to include; which photos would go full-page and which would have to stay smaller. (Writers call this 'killing your babies'. Craig must have killed many. I feel for him.)

I have only read the Weim and the SRHP sections thoroughly, so far, but have dipped in and out of many others and I look forward to reading more. I've already learnt things I didn't know: I had no idea Weims were listed in the German GSP stud book until the 1920s and were considered a grey variant of the GSP! I'm no expert myself, but I have no doubt that even the most experienced owner of their breed will learn something new from this book.

The quality of the book is top-notch: The hardback is thick and heavy, the pages are dense and creamy and (very important to me, this one) it has that 'new book' smell! The book is (probably must be, to cover costs) pricey. However, when you think that it costs about the same as a tank of petrol and a couple of entries in a field event, it's a worthy investment.

In the book, Craig often refers to people who have done a great service for their breed by, say, bringing it back from near-extinction or promoting working abilities. I think it's clear to anyone with their hands on this epic that Craig, himself, has done a great service for all these breeds through creating something which is such a breathtaking tribute to the dogs we all live with, and love." - Joanna Laurens, UK

★  Well, THE BOOK arrived today. It is stunningly beautiful, thoughtfully created, and overwhelming in its scope. I really cannot imagine how you ever managed such a huge project. It must have felt as if sometimes this book took over your lives. Lisa and you must be made of stern stuff to have made it through. We are very honoured to have been included in your stupendous book. Bless you and thank you." - Al and Nell McKim, Canada

★  It is a fabulous book – congratulations! I think you did an excellent job on the history, and you're right most people get it wrong. I said to Sheila, Craig did a great job. He sticks his neck out here and there and I’ve yet to find a time when it could be chopped off! - Joe Schmutz, Canada

★  I received the books today! Wow, I am in awe. Of course I went to the Weim pages first, but enjoyed randomly flipping around and reading about breeds I'd never heard of before. It will sit proudly on my book shelf! Anne Taguchi, USA

★ I am just finishing my brand new copy of “Pointing Dogs Volume 1: The Continentals”. I read nearly every word and loved it. I was hesitant about spending over $100 for what I thought was essentially a reference book, but I am looking at replacing my Brittany in a couple years. The next dog will probably be the last gun dog I’ll hunt with because when the dog retires, I’ll be well into my 70s. Hence the desire to read up on the Continentals and make a breed decision before I fell in love with a puppy.

The format was excellent! The photos were superb, and I especially appreciated your perspective on the animals—and your honesty—especially about the Weims and Pontos was refreshing. Thanks for such a great piece of work! It was worth every cent. It will remain as one of my prized possessions! Dennis Swett, USA

★ You do not know me, but I really mean this: what you have achieved is truly a masterpiece. I am convinced it will become a classic. Please consider my Volume Two pre-ordered! Santiago Herror, UK

★  I can think of many words to describe the book but perhaps the best is simply "wow". The love and determination you have towards this project show through and the book is simply amazing. Ken Reade, Canada

★  I just spent an hour clicking through Craig's website, blog and book samplings. From the few bits of Craig's writings I'd read before I knew he had a great knack for colorful wordsmithing and he comes through in great form here. "Dogwilling" is a clever twist. My best effort would have been "Dogeared" for a dog genre website/publisher name. His word picture of the printing and delivery of the "book" where he talks of the over sized truck with "reinforced axles" and "wide load" sign made me laugh. His joke about Lisa's "dognapping" purse is a chuckle too. He shows his uncle Tom and Sylvia "exaggeration" genes here. I'm sure Craig's book will be a bestseller because of it is so expertly researched and superbly written with great photography. His marketing skills in using all the internet tools and his personal promotions at Dog/hunting broadcasts and gatherings etc. will likely require him to use many big trucks with reinforced axles to keep up with demand. Gary Anderson, Canada

★  Today I received another "very special present" from Canada - Your book Vol 1 - Brilliant publication and so big, great informative text and wonderful photo's (usual CK high standard). Thank you so much for sending it to me, I will have hours of pleasure reading, re-reading and referring to it. Richard Jupp, UK

★  Ho appena ricevuto il libro "Pointig Dogs" di Craig Koshyk , é veramente bellissimo, splendide fotografie di razze che non conoscevo o che non avevo mai visto, come di razze continentali ben note. Interessantissime le annotazioni statistiche , il glossario ed i commenti sulle razze estinte. Un'opera che non puo' mancare nella libreria di un cinofilo appassionato. Lucio Marzan, Italy

★  Wow Craig! Your book arrived safely yesterday morning, and I can't thank you enough! What an extremely impressive looking publication. You should be very proud of your achievement. This is a must have for anybody who owns a Continental pointing breed. Martyn Ford, UK