La Visite!

Souris and Uma welcomed a longhaired Weimaraner named "Zeiss" (rhymes with "ice") to our place last week. He's here for some last-minute preparation before his NAVHDA NA test near Fargo this weekend. His owner is unable to make it to the test, so I will be running Zeiss for him. Wish us luck, will ya? We're gonna need it!

You see, I'm a mediocre dog trainer on a good day. And my NAVHDA experience is slim. So it's pretty much a sure bet that I will do something to cost us a few points during the test. And Zeiss? Well he's a 65lb puppy! I think he has enormous potential in NAVHDA. However, at just over a year old, he's the canine equivalent of a daydreaming 10 year old boy. One day, he can do no wrong, showing a great search, fantastic point, excellent water work...and the next day, his head is in the clouds. So watch for either a great score...or a crash and burn on the weekend. With time, I am convinced he will be an excellent hunting dog. But for now, his NA performance could go either way.


  1. Yep...that's my boy. I can't wait to see how he does. Do you think his apparently nearly double jointed shoulders will be helpful in anyway. He looks a little "Lanky" in that shot. Nice Photo of the kids though.


  2. Craig: good luck with that! I have a one-year old who has days like that, too... although I don't think he day-dreams, he pretty much either goes fast or faster.

    What seems to work better with our little guy is a half-hour of basic obedience beforehand -- just to remind him that he is in fact in a hunting relationship!

    Have fun.