Bry-Lyn's Cirillo Felice "Felix" 1996-2006

Adieu, Coeur Vaillant.


  1. So sorry.
    The photo/painting of Felix I have, is the one him laying
    on the floor and the light stripes shining on him.
    (Through blinds?) The text on the painting says:
    "How did you live?" How fitting for the moment....
    Hindu's call dying "dropping the body", meaning that the soul leaves the body which it has no use any more...
    Felix has dropped his body and moved on to be with his ancestors....

  2. I am very sorry for the passsing away of you beloved Felix.
    so so very sorry.
    I'm sure he is out there somewhere, chasing fluffy white rabbits in Weim heaven.

  3. This was news I was hoping not to read... so sorry for your loss, they leave such a big gap in our lives when they go but I hope with time your heart will open to another of our grey friends.

    Tasha x

  4. Craig, Jude told me of Felix's untimely passing. I have just read all the words that were written about him and the lump in my throat is threatening to choke me.

    I am happy to say that I had the pleasure of hunting over the magnificent Felix.

    My deepest condolences.

    Ben (in NB)

  5. Craig and Lisa,

    I know how much you love your dogs and I reach you in these so hard moments. I did not write anything before because my eyes were full of tears each time I came on the blog.

    Felix was a very nice and Fabulous dog I will never forget.

    Felix and Souris gave me another think on what could be a weim at hunting.... thank you so much Felix for these magic moments in your woods. I wish you a nice travel to heaven and may be meet you once more, once up there myself.

    I couldn't go back now in your Manitoba wihout having a think for you.

    Thank you once more..you were a great dog.

    Christophe (FRANCE)