On the Road Again...and Again and Again

I strapped myself into an aisle seat of a plane headed for Chicago this morning. A couple of bumpy hours later my wife and I landed at O’Hare airport and spent much of the day wandering from one Starbucks to another until we boarded a flight to Munich. As I write, I am strapped into yet another aisle seat on yet another plane. This one is bigger. And so are the bumps. So in an effort to forget my fears during this white-knuckle flight, I figured I’d whip out the laptop and update my blog.

Munich is not our final destination today. We’re actually heading to Madrid, via Munich. We’re on our way to photograph several gundog breeds native to Spain. On Saturday we will visit with Carlos Contera, a renowned breeder of Spanish Double Nosed Pointers for a photo shoot of his dogs in action. On Sunday, we are scheduled to meet with breeders of Perdiguero de Burgos, another Spanish pointing breed, similar to the Bracco Italiano. On Monday we head to Majorca to photograph a gundog breed that is only found on that island. It is called the Ca Mé Mallorqui. I think the first thing I'm going to do when I get there is to ask the club members how to pronounce Ca Mé Mallorqui!

After Mallorca, we head to Portugal, after that, Italy, France, Holland and Germany. So stay tuned for updates, photos and more tales from the aisle seat.

Now, where’s that barf-bag?

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  1. Craig:

    It's nice to see you back. It seems like it's been a long time since we read anything from you. I'm glad to see the book is coming along -- and I like the gallery re-structuring. I couldn't find any more info on how to maybe order a print from you. Let me know.