2013 Year in Review

With over 200,000 page views in 2013, it was the best year yet for the Pointing Dog Blog! Here's a look at some of the highlights:

Most popular post (by traffic): The Weimaraner Part One (parts two and three were also quite popular).

Most commented post: The Tumbling Pheasant, a photo essay about an unusual photo session in the wilds of North Dakota.

Most controversial post: The Whitemaraner and the follow-up pieces here and here. My exploration of white coats and piebalding in Weimaraners struck a nerve with more than a few folks.

Most popular video: Everybody Knows Where Broomhill's At is the first video I've posted related to  Volume Two of my pointing dog books

Most popular photo essay: 12 Things I learned at Broomhill was one of the first posts I made in 2013 and turned out to be very popular, especially among the Pointer, Setter and field trial folks.

Biggest trend: VIDEOS! In 2013, I vowed to upgrade my video gear and video skills. The first part was relatively easy. I saved my pennies and purchased a decent camcorder and Go Pro rig. But the jury is still out on the second part. My video skills still lay far, far behind my photo skills. But I have fun making more videos this year than I've ever made. Here's the complete list of videos posted in 2013. 

Thanks to everyone who visited the blog in 2014. I am especially grateful for the support of Gregg Elliot at the Dogs and Doubles Blog, Andrew Campbell at the The Regal Vizsla the fine folks at the Upland JournalVersatile Dogs and the Gundog Forum in the US, the WorkingHPR forum in the UK, Field Chasse Passion in France and the Il Bracco Italiano forum in Italy.