Staying Close to Home

I have no idea how many pairs of boots -- and visa cards -- I've worn out over the last ten years. And to be honest, I'm not sure I really want to know. In any case the number, whatever it is, probably indicates that I have some sort of mental illness.

Be that as it may, I'm typing this post wearing yet another new pair of boots. I'm trying to work them in before I head out to Saskatchewan tomorrow (For those of you unfamiliar with where and what Saskatchewan is, it's where God hunts when he gets a day off).

And the Visa card? Well it was on life support for a while, but it is feeling much better now since we decided not to go to Europe this year. Such a trip would have probably proven fatal to our bank account. It seems that the Canadian dollar is worth less than bathroom tissue in Europe nowadays and even worse, our 5 dollar bills are apparently so irritating to sensitive French 'derrières' that they refuse to use them even for a clean-up on aisle ass.

Anywho, despite the cash crunch, I could not resist a short trip close to home. So I headed out to small town Ontario. While there I met up with some old friends and made some new ones. I visited a really cool hunt/sporting club called Run-A-Fowl south of Toronto and photographed two Spinoni, a Bracco Italiano, a Small Munsterlander, a Springer Spaniel, a couple of GSP's and some really nice Weimaraners. The very kind folks who met me there were true Canadians...super-friendly, unassuming and absolutely addicted to Tim Horton's Double Double coffees. And their dogs were terrific. Here are my favorite shots from the day.

After small town Ontario I travelled to petite ville Quebec. My wife and I met Dennis D'Anjou and his lovely partner Johanne and photographed their absolutely beautiful Épagneuls Français. And let me tell you, if I were not a dyed in the wool Weim guy, I would probably have a small herd of the lovely liver and white 'French Setters' in my backyard. You can see some photos of them towards the end of the gallery linked above.