Doing it very, very old school.

What to do when the bird season ends? Well, how about helping a local hog farmer keep the pesky jack rabbit population down? In the last couple of weeks, we've been out with rifle and shotgun and have managed to get some meat for rabbit stew. But on this day, we decided to do it old school. Very old school. As in ancient 3000 year old school.

How do you do that you ask? Well step one is to leave the firearms at home. Step two is to enlist the help of a pretty Saluki named Kiki. The rest of the procedure is shown below: (click on any photo to see a bigger version)

The final photos where taken when the dog was almost a half a mile away. To my eye, it seemed as if we would be dining on teryaki jack later on. But it was not to be. It seems that at the last second, Bugs Bunny managed to get away from Kiki.

Oh well, better luck next time!!


  1. AWESOME!!! There is nothing prettier than a sight hound in motion. What amazing photographs. But... teriyaki jack? How about a deadly recipe for Lagos Stifado... Greek rabbit stew with pearl onions....

  2. Thank you for all your inspireing and reflective remarks and photos in 2006.

    Wish you and Lisa a happy New Year!

    Solveig & Roger

  3. Great Photography and Commentary as can always be expected from a man with a camera in his hand and his tongue in his cheek!

    Keep it coming Craig!