Impressioni di settembre

In case you are wondering why I posted what seems to be some sort of latin text in the last post, it is actually a copy of the lyrics of a song entitled "Impressioni di settembre" by the Itlalian progressive rock group P.F.M. It was originally recorded in 1972.

It is an absolutely beatiful piece of music that I rediscovered after many years while I was surfing YouTube. The lyrics, in a nutshell, tell of a fellow waking up in a dew covered field of wheat, wondering just what the heck he is in this world. 25 years ago, when I first heard the song, I did not know what the lyrics meant. Now that I can understand them, when I heard the line "sembra quasi un mare d'erba" (it seems almost like a sea of grass), it reminded me of all the miles I've tramped through the grasslands of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and the Dakotas since then and, to be honest, brought tears to my eyes.

If you click on the title of this post, you will go to the You Tube link of a video of the song performed live by the band on tour in Japan in 2000. An absolutely classic piece of prog-rock with probably the best melotron line....ever.


  1. OK - somehow forgot how to post on the blogger log-in. Meant to say the lyrics formed a nice image, but well, that doubles for nice image you posted.