12 Things I Learned at Broomhill, Manitoba.

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting some of my photos, videos, thoughts and opinions on pointing dog field trials. Today I'd like to start with what I learned when I attended the Manitoba Championship Trial in Broomhill, Manitoba last September.

1. There is a great big sky over Broomhill.

2. And a lot of big trucks.

And big trailers.

And cool license plates.

3. You meet a lot of nice people at Broomhill.

People who love horses.

And wide open spaces.

And each other.

People who really love their dogs.

And dogs who love their people.

4. The dogs only have two speeds: ZOOOM...

And chill.

5. The dogs greet you in different ways.

Some are super happy to see you.

Some aren't quite sure.

Some dogs couldn't care less.

Some think that you are bringing them a nice meaty soup-bone.

And all the young dogs give you the 'take me home' look.

6. All the dogs have awesome dog names.

And they travel with horses in trailers.

7. Trial folk spend a lot of time in the saddle

And they love every minute of it.

8. Trial judges judge on horseback.

Handlers handle on horseback.

And everyone else follows along to watch...on horseback.

9. Each dog waits for its turn to run.

So they relax in a cool dog-wagon.

10. And when it comes time to run..

They run...

And run

And run... for an hour or more.

11. When they're done, they head back in.

To chill out in the dog-wagon while the others get their turn to run.

12. When everyone's done, it's back to camp.

Near the Broomhill Hilton.

Where all the nice people sit and visit under sage advice written on the wall.

And the dogs go back to day-dreaming...

about running again, under the great big Broomhill sky.

To view a slideshow of these images and more from the Broomhill trial, click here.


  1. Well Done! Thanks for sharing this, it's wonderful.

  2. enjoyed it especially on this cold winter day

  3. I had enjoyed all those pictures ,you done a great job.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  4. I really enjoyed these pics,,,,,,

  5. Really nice to see the crowd again: Gates, Davies, Gelhaus. Super hospitable folk, really amazing dogs! Miss it.

  6. Did you say you are planning on publishing these pics as a coffee table book? hoping that might be an option

  7. I may include some of the photos when I write the second volume of my two-volume book on pointing dogs. Volume One is available now. It is about all the Continental pointing breeds. Volume Two is about the British breeds (Pointers and Setters) You can find out more about them at http://www.dogwilling.ca/ and http://www.craigkoshykphoto.ca

    That said, I may also make a shorter book of just these (and other) images I have of dogs in Broomhill in the next little while. I'll let everyone know if/when that happens.