Pursuit: Photos of Hunters and Huntresses in The Field

I guess most people would describe me as a photographer of gundogs. And it’s true. I do spend ungodly amounts of time, energy and money capturing images of gundogs. But along the way, I also snap a shot or two of the hunters and huntresses who follow the dogs, ready to harvest the game their canine companions manage to outwit.

Below are some of my favourite images of the hunters and huntresses with whom I’ve had the honour of sharing the most precious moments of my life. I hope you enjoy looking at them half as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Place your mouse over the first image and scroll down to view the others.

PURSUIT by Craig Koshyk on Exposure

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1 comment:

  1. Graig,

    Thank you for the visual and mental journey you created for me with your latest post. Though I haven’t seen many of those images in years they were recalled with the same exuberance and joy one experiences when reconnecting with an old friend. Once again I was able to transport myself to marsh and field with the likes of Mick, Suzy, Ross, Lily, and especially Jean Francois. After losing myself in your photos I then find myself with a renewed understanding and justification of why I am so ridiculously impassioned with sharing my life with gun dogs.

    Hank Phillips