An Encore for Souris-Manon

 In September I wrote a post explaining that the retirement of our dog Souris-Manon from the hunting field only lasted about a week. And now that the season is over, I can happily report that she actually had one of the best seasons ever! So I've put together a photo and video retrospective of Souris-Manon's encore hunting season. Enjoy!

This summer, our nearly 14-year-old Weimaraner was laid low by pancreatitis. And when the veterinarian discovered a heart murmur, it looked as if Souris-Manon's hunting days were over.

But the smell of autumn and the promise of birds in the woods was too hard to resist. We decided to just let her hunt --come what may.  And on her very first hunt after coming out of retirement, Souris outsmarted a sharptail grouse. Click below to see the video replay.

And so, from that day to the last day of the season, Souris ran across pastures.

and in stubble fields.

Over the prairies,

and in the woods.

She found birds to point in the tall grass,

in the cattails,

and even in the snow.


She backed her hunting buddies,

and on the rare occasion when my aim was true,

she retrieved pheasants (click to play),


woodcock, grouse, ducks and geese.

But above all, Souris did what she's done every day for nearly 14 years. She put smiles on our faces and warmed our hearts.

Bravo Souris. It was a fantastic encore!!


  1. BEAUTIFUL!! Keep celebrating!! Keep smiling!

  2. That was so heart warming… what wonderful memories.

  3. Great job taking her out no matter what. If she doesn't want to hunt she will let you know. But she will likely want hunt until she drops dead, and that is ok. Don't prevent a dog from having its true joy, especially in its last years.

  4. It doesn't get any better than that!

  5. Having just put my 2 yr old Weimaraner down due to Leukemia seeing this made me smile and cry. I hope your girl lives a few more years and keeps making you smile.