Retirement Sucks! Time for a COMEBACK!

Just over a month ago our Weimaraner Souris-Manon was very, very ill after two back-to-back bouts of pancreatitis. The Vet also discovered a fairly serious heart murmur. So the decision was made that at nearly 14 years old, Souris would retire from the hunting fields.

A couple of weeks ago, after the opening day of the waterfowl season I posted this photo to announce Souris' retirement and noted that she seemed to have accepted the decision and would from now on just spend her days relaxing in the warm sun.

But then I started noticing that Souris' eyes were getting a bit brighter every day and that she was protesting a bit more each time I took the other dogs to the field. So another decision was made: retirement sucks! Souris was getting back in the game! Here is a video of her first post-retirement performance. ENJOY!!

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