On-line Time Machine

Just about every month, I stumble upon yet another gold mine of on-line archives providing (usually) free access to thousands of old magazines, books, and film footage.  Last week, I came across some truly fascinating clips of pointing dogs.

Here is a short film from Scotland that shows just how big some
of the Pointer and Setter kennels had become by the 1930s.

And here is a short documentary from France that shows a fascinating mix of breeds, from Pointers and Setters to Britannies, Braques and Korhtals Griffons.

In this short clip, we see some of the last remaining specimens
 of the Griffon Boulet, a pointing breed that is now extinct.
I wrote about the Griffon Boulet previously here.

And finally, here is a piece about Pointers and Setters 
being trained and running in trials on the Canadian prairies.