Spring Training

Even though spring sprung a while ago, I still consider the training we've managed to squeeze in between work and..well more work, to be "spring training". And every so often I remember to bring a camera along to capture the action. This weekend, I finally took the time to cobble together an image gallery featuring some shots from the various training sessions we've enjoyed. I've also included a few photos taken at Henri's NAVHDA test and of a very handsome Drahthaar named Jaeger.

Click here or on the leaping dog above to view the photos.


  1. The "Henri High On Life?" photo is freakin' awesome! Made me laugh!

  2. Looks like Henri might have outgrown his 'Pocket Rocket' nickname. He got big... and handsome. Nice point. The pictures of Jaeger are super-nice too. Shame you only managed to sneak in one red-dog picture, though 8-).

    Glad to see you having fun.