The big ONE-OH

I meant to publish this post a few weeks ago but in the rush to prepare for a trip to France, I did not have the time. So, here it is...a bit late, but from the heart.

Ten years ago today Felix the Freight-train, the Evil Genius, the hard-headed, hard-charging Weimaraner was born in a small town in Miinnesota. Since then he has given my wife and me roughly equal amounts of sheer joy and utter consternation. And by all indications it looks like he will be giving us many more years of smiles and headaches, chewed up slippers and thrills in the field. At the big One-Oh he is still going strong.

Among his favorite people, and to whom we would like to extend our thanks for helping raise him are:
Grampa and Gramma Koshyk,
"Uncle" Rob Wheeldon
"Auntie" Shelly Shorrock
Don and Bonny Grabowski
and especially Dr. Skavinsky for stitching and stapling Felix together after more than a dozen "mishaps" including broken toes and teeth, run-ins with barbed wire (almost lost an ear), and encounters with plate glass windows (he actually jumped through one!)

Thank you all...here's to another 10 years (Lord help us!)


  1. Congratulations Felix

    Again, greatphoto Chiendog

    I wish I could ask you to photograph my boy Iago.
    best wishes and here's to 10 more birthdays


  2. Craig,

    I love the photos. You really do capture their personalities as well as their beauty.

    Felix, especially, will always hold a special place in my heart. For, as you say, being Felix.

    Dr. S