Happy 14th Birthday Souris-Manon!!

Souris-Manon (Grau Geist's Let R Rip Du Souris) is 14 years young!! 

 So here's to:
14 years of growing up

14 years of chillaxing with her buddies

14 years of play

14 years of sunbeams

14 years of wear and tear

14 years of running

14 seasons of pointing sharptailed grouse

and woodcock

and ruffed grouse

and huns

and snipe

and pheasants

14 years of backing

and of being backed

14 years of victory rolls

14 seasons of fetching waterfowl

and upland birds

And above all,  
14 years of putting a smile on our faces

So here's to many more 

Happy Birthday Souris!


  1. She's a special girl, for sure. Lovely tribute... Now, give her whatever she wants!

  2. What an awesome life! Lovely tribute, beautiful dogs, beautiful photography. Happy Birthday Souris. :)

  3. A very skilled hunter! She's beautiful. What did you give her on her birthday? I'm very touched on your tribute for her.

  4. Love it so much! Must do something like it for my girls. So lovely to see Souris's story like that. Happy birthday!