OK folks, put on your thinking caps. I will be asking a trivia question about the next breed to be featured as the Breed of the Week. If you answer it correctly, you could win a copy of Pointing Dogs, Volume One: The Continentals!

Over the last four weeks, I've featured four different breeds; three are from Germany and one is (sort of) French. In the early 1900s a group of forward-thinking - some called them radical or even heretical - hunters in Germany combined all four breeds in an effort to come up with something greater than the sum of its parts.
That they succeeded is clear. The breed is now the number one pointing breed in Germany and very popular with hunters around the world. 
What is the German name of the breed?
Send your answer and your name to The name of each person who correctly guesses the breed will be written onto a block of wood. Then the blocks will be spread around the yard and my dog Souris will be sent to retrieve them in any order she chooses. The name on the THIRD dummy she brings back will be our winner!!

The contest closes at midnight tonight (North American central time), June 20, 2011. Souris will perform the wood-block-fetch-draw tomorrow at 9 am. The winner will be announced on this blog shortly thereafter.

Souris fetching a ruffed grouse. Photo: Dustin Leader