In the meantime...

I've had quite a few inquiries about how the Mega Book Project from Hell® is progressing so I thought I would post a quick update.

Pointing Dogs Volume One: The Continentals is now at Friesen's Printing sitting patiently in the "on deck" position. Early next week they will send me a proof copy of the entire book and a high-res version of the book cover. As soon as I give those two items the green light, the fine folks down at Friesens will press the shiny red "GO" button on the humungous printing machine! A week or two later, the book will be delivered to our storage facility, probably by some sort of gigantic truck with reinforced axles and a sign on the front saying "wide load".

Currently, I am finalizing a brand new website and hatching a marketing plan that will be launched in the first week of May. So stay tuned for all kinds of stuff coming from Dog Willing Publications to a forum, facebook page, website and magazine near you.

Now, in the meantime how about some light entertainment for your viewing pleasure? Here is my greatest youtube hit ( over 18 thousand views!). Please forgive my feeble video skills and "great face for radio" face and just sit back and enjoy some grouse hunting with Henri, Souris and Uma!