Well I took Henri and Maisey out today and managed to get some photos of Henri on point.

It was a windy day, which usually makes the birds quite spooky, but they seemed to cooperate fairly well despite the strong and frequent gusts. Henri did very, very well. He ran like a champ and had 5 points on wild sharptails in just over an hour!

Here are some photos (curiously, in some of them his ears are flipped back. I think it was due to the fact that he was running across the wind and when he scented birds, he would snap into the wind and the ear(s) would get blown back...that is how windy it was!).

First point of the day (pair of sharptails)

Second point of the day...a single

There it goes!!

Henri holds steady (I actually had my shotgun and held it in one hand to shoot in the air and then snapped the photo with the other hand...don't try that at home kids...)

Point number three (this was a covey...about 10 birds in total. They took off in ones and two's...poor Henri stood through each flush but by bird number six he started to almost bark at them!)

Different angle of point number three. I am not sure why he was making the bulldog mouth thing..."drinking" the air?

Point number four (single)

Point number five (three birds...two got up about 10 yards in front of Henri and one got up about 2 feet from me...I almost stepped on it!)


  1. Holy mackerel, Craig! Great pictures and a fabulous looking dog. Henri is looking like a champ.

    all best

  2. Haven't been to your blog in a looooong time, but I'm happy to see that it's still around. When did Henri start to grow up? He's looking good, real good!

  3. He looks way to skinny, you need to give this boy some more food!!! Except that, beautifull pics =o)

  4. Yes, Henri was underweight at the time. He had just finished at bout of Giardia. He's put a bit of meat on his bones now and is in ship shape!!