Well I finally sat down at the computer long enough to whip up a quick gallery of photos from the 09 season. They are in more or less chronological order and include a good number of photos taken by my wife Lisa. She's really been enjoying carrying the camera around and has managed to get some great shots of the dogs in action.

Her shots of me however are not quite as good. For some reason, she almost always takes the shot while I am walking away from her. That usually results in a decent shot of the dog running near me, but only highlights the fact that I have no ass.

Click on the photo above or this one below to see the shots of the 09 far!


  1. As always, fantastic photos. Hey, Lisa's getting pretty good.

    I particularly like the photos of Souris on point in the woods. Could those eyes be any more intense?

  2. Really nice photography, Craig. My compliments to you and your wife!

  3. Some beautiful shots there. And terrain that looks all so familiar to our hunting grounds here in Eastern Finland.

  4. Love the slideshow! Especially like the images with the beautiful sky as the backdrop.