Grouse Hunting with Henri, Souris and Uma

I'm a dyed-in-the-wool still-photographer. I have more cameras than you can shake a stick at and have exposed tens of thousands of frames of film (yup, film) and taken tens of thousands of digital images. I like to think that I have at least a wee bit of talent for the art and craft, after all, I've managed to make my living as a photographer for almost 20 years and besides, my mom says my photos are really good.

And then there is video. I've dabbled in it for many years and have yet to make anything beyond "really bad" with a video camera. Even my mom has a tough time coming up with something good to say about them (the best she's done so far is "well, that was not as bad as the last one")

So I've given up. I've resigned myself to the fact that I will never make a really good video. But I haven't given up completely. I've just lowered the bar a bit. I've stopped worrying about making the next Citizen Kane and joined the legions of handy-cam hacks posting to YouTube. I've even set up my own YouTube Channel.

Here's my latest block-buster. It is a jumpy, low-fi, patched together piece I call "Grouse Hunting With Henri, Souris and Uma".

It's coming to a theatre near you soon! (not).


  1. Very nice!

    Getting video of anything out in the woods is difficult and running a one-man show as well as getting action on camera is really impressive.


  2. Hey Craig!

    I thought your low-fi video was great! It has everything you could want in a video: action, adventure, drama, life and death situations...um...puppies...and Craig! And the camera work was reminiscent of the Blair Witch Project. In a good way. :)


  3. Craig: nice to see you back in action... and with The Pocket Rocket in full force! He's running great. Still can't watch the whole video... as soon as his bell starts clanging our two get all fired up and think there's birds to be chased!


  4. I love how Souris enjoys a nice back scratch after her retrieves.

    Looking forward to more posts!

    Sara & Weims