Maybe I Should Stick With Still Photography

Felix and Souris sharing a point on sharptailed grouse, Fall 2003

Yesterday we finally got out to do some training after a winter from hell (we were more or less cooped up since early December, in fact it SNOWED only three days ago!) Anywho, one of our goals this year is to teach a young Pont Audemer Spaniel to honour a point. My Ponto Uma does it just fine, but her cousin Vinnie still needs to figure it out. So we headed to our training grounds with pigeons and launchers and figured we would give it a try.

On the way out the door, I decided to grab my video camera instead of my usual still camera just for fun. It ended up being a very educational session. Here is what I learned;

1. I suck at making videos
2. It is really hard to train a dog and video-tape at the same time..especially with the remote for the bird launcher in one hand and two or three dogs running around the field.
3. My dogs have completely forgotten what "steady to flush" means
4. Despite all the hassle, it was actually a lot of fun! I think I will ask a friend of mine who is a journalist with a pro video camera to come out one day to get some better footage.

So, if you are interested in watching my very amateur attempt at video, check out

Part 1 and Part 2

And please be gentle with your critiques....


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  1. Craig: I was expecting something a little more Blair Witch Project than that, a camera in the dirt at least. Looks good enough to link to on my blog!

    Having similar kinds of fun with our two vizslas. One of the challenges is that the younger one is just getting staunch enough on his point that the older one is just beginning to deem it worthy of attention (and thereby almost stop without being 'whoa-ed' on command). The other challenge, as you note about yourself, is that I am not an octopus... remote launcher, e-collar, whistle, blank pistol or shotgun, checkcord, camera...

    Souris looks fantastic. Freezing into that first point was gorgeous. Nice, too, to see some Pontos work. Don't think I've ever seen one down here.

    best wishes