So there we were, deep in the heart of South Dakota pheasant country chasing roosters with our dogs.

We were working a large section of public walk-in land north west of Watertown.

Our good friends, Los Hermanos Castaneda, were working a tree line ahead with their dog Quell.

Souris and I were making our way through a low spot full of cat tails.

Lisa was following along a ridge-line with her camera taking shots of the action.

As we made or way across the field, Lisa heard the sound of something running behind her. At first she thought it was one of the dogs that had somehow doubled back and was now trying to catch up.

When she turned to see which dog it was she was stunned to see a MASSIVE BUCK, running full speed across the plain, between her and the tree line to the south. Her first reaction was to let out a blood curdling scream which stopped everyone in their tracks....everyone except the buck that is. He turned on the afterburners when he heard the deafening squeal. Luckily, Lisa's second reaction was to point the camera at the running beast and squeeze off a burst of shots with the 200mm lens. The buck was running so fast that she only got one good shot before it disappeared into the cattails.

And what an AWESOME shot it was!!
That was back in November. Since then, Lisa has reminded me every day that the most AWESOME photo of the entire season, was her shot of the buck.

Reluctantly, I have to agree.

Please feel free to comment on Lisa's AWESOME photo to let her know just how AWESOME it is.


  1. Craig, perhaps the name of "Praire View" school of photography should be changed to "Lili's School of Photography 'Cause I ROCK!". We'll have to shorthen it for the website. :-)
    That day is still fresh in my head. From our angle we thought it was running stright to Lisa and thought we'd have to take it out!
    Tres Bien Lisa!!

  2. Lisa has taken absolutely the best buck photo I have every witnessed! She needs some sort of recognition for her extraodinary talent.
    Bravo Lisa!!

  3. Good thing it WASN'T running straight for Lisa!! I sure wouldn't want to have to rely on Craig's marksmanship. He probably didn't even have his glasses!

  4. This isn't and AWESOME shot...it's a TOTALLY AWESOME shot!

  5. This is a hit, impressive!

  6. That is an absolutely fantastic photo! Kudos for getting everything together and shooting it.