Website Make-over

I’m a Mac guy. Way back in the late 80’s I cut my teeth on an Apple llc powered by a fairly athletic hamster running in a wheel. Nowadays, I use a bunch of Power-Mac something or others with more bells and whistles than a Manila Jeep.

So when I decided to give my website a much-needed make-over, I figured the first place to look was in something the experts call an “applications folder”. Well sure enough, on my newest Mac, loaded to the gills with all the newest software, was a program called iWeb. It offered the same point, click and drag simplicity of most Mac programs in a package to build a website. So after about three hundred hours of pointing, clicking, dragging, cursing, drinking, nail biting and urging two* very tired hamsters to keep going, the new site is up!


* (I’m running a “dual core” processor in my current Mac).