Well here it is, my first post to the dogblog!

Let's start with a photo shall we? Here is Uma-Chantal having a bad hair day. The style is a sort of French Mohawk, very "in" right now, non?

Every morning, I spend a few minutes with a camera taking shots of things around our home. Yesterday I shot a roll of Fuji NPH in my father's vintage Zeiss Contaflex. Among all the cameras I have (I lost count at 30+) it is my favorite. The lens is breathtakingly sharp, the camera as well fitted as a Rolex watch. All of the family photos from my youth were taken by my dad with this camera.

At this time of year, the sun shines through our dinging room window for a few minutes early in the morning. The dogs enjoy basking in its warmth. I can't resist snapping away. So as they lay there, I got down on my belly and took a few shots.

I seem to be paying a bit more attention to Uma lately as a subject for my early morning photos. As our "third child" she is somewhat underrepresented in the photo albums. I guess I am trying to right that wrong. She is not the most photogenic dog of the bunch, but what she lacks in looks, she makes up in personality.

Of course I could not resist taking a few shots of the grey monsters as they lounged around as well.


  1. Hi Craig, Wonderful BLOG ideas; photos of the dogs exceptional. Saved the URL, and plan to check often. Best wishes Debbie and Argon

  2. Craig, you do fine work and have gorgeous dogs to inspire you!
    Keep it coming!

  3. bonhomme, moi je m'ennuie de mes cousins... j'aimerais bien prendre un peu de soleil avec eux dans les escaliers...

    les photos sont toujours très très belle....

    la frank junior xxx

  4. This is absolutely fantastic Craig! Please upload as many pics as possible, b/c they're so fantastic to look at!! I will save this link into my favourites!!

  5. I am always really envious of your photos Craig - fabulous as usual !! Can't agree about Uma though, I think she is just lovely. Well said Mar - more piccies please. Lisa Coull

  6. Craig...your photos are fantastic. You are welcome to come and snap my grey one anytime!

  7. I have always said you produce the finest photos I think I have ever seen

    Keep up the good work

    Paul Kempton

  8. say, nice photos sir. thanks for the turn on to your site(s).


  9. Great blog Craig. Love the photos and commentary that go with them.

    Paul Bowen

  10. Craig,

    Un seul mot: bravo !
    heu non....2....chapeau bas !

    Tes photos sont magnifiques et quel plaisir de revoir Manon, Chantal et cette vieille branche de Félix !